3 Ways to Use His Eternal Names this Christmas

3 Ways to Use His Eternal Names this Christmas

We hope you will take some time this week to listen to  FamilyLife Today as Barbara Rainey shares her heart behind the new ornaments for this year. His Eternal Names, are three gold stars. And you can use these star-shaped ornaments—each printed with a name of Jesus—to help your family anticipate the arrival of the baby king on Christmas morning.

Here are 3 different ways to use them around your home this Christmas season:

For a fun advent activity in your home, centered on adoring the One who came, hide one star in a different place around your house each day, starting December 1st. Encourage your children to find the hidden star (or you might designate days for each child to avoid sibling squabbles).

3 Ways to Use His Eternal Names this ChristmasOnce your kids discover the star, read the name of Jesus that appears on one side of the star and read the Bible verse that is on the other side. Use this time to teach your children who we are waiting for—Jesus. Initiate conversations with children even as young as 3 or 4 about what it means for Jesus to be Alpha and Omega.Click here to learn more.

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Find an empty frame and hang the three stars at varying lengths. Once you have tied on the frame, add it to your mantle, an entry table, or anywhere around your house for a meaningful reminder throughout the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season. We added a soft gold ribbon to hang these from the frame but any color would work!

3 Ways to Use His Eternal Names this Christmas(hint: Your local craft store has a lot of empty frames at the back of their stores!)

Use one star over your nativity. Then add the other two to a frequently used door knob or prop it on a kitchen counter. Adding His name throughout your home is the gentle nudge we all need to remember Him during the busyness of the season.

3 Ways to Use His Eternal Names this Christmas**BONUS: This is obvious BUT these ornaments really are beautiful on your tree. The gold is a perfect contrast for a green tree and the lightly brushed glitter adds just the right amount of sparkle when the lights hit them just right. source | source