About Us

A strong woman hopes she has strength enough for the journey, but a woman of Godly strength has faith that it is in the journey where she will become strong.

Godstrong Women was first envisioned by Derrick. He felt led of God to create Facebook.com/GodstrongWomenFacebook.com/GodstrongMen, YouTube.com/GodstrongWomenRevivedLife.com, EndTimesWire.com and other sites that express his desire to spread the news of God’s love. He has a heart for men and women in God’s kingdom and having them realize their position of authority and blessings. He has a gift of encouraging every person he comes in contact with and motivating a growing faith. Over time, he has gathered a team of friends and like believers. We are friends, family, and we have one goal … to serve God and love people. The exact path of GSW has been an uncertain one at times and continues to be sometimes, but it is developing as we go along. It really has been an awesome journey in just letting God guide all of this. We honestly have no plan other than we want God’s plan to happen. Whatever God wills with this and us, so be it. :) Below are our introductions to you all. You’re starting to feel like family, and we would like to give you a picture into our lives and why we are here. God bless and guide all of you, and thank you for blessing us with the privilege of your presence here.