πŸ‘‘ All The Pieces

I stared at the Sudoku puzzle on the airplane. I knew a few rules, but apparently not the one that would help me solve it. Endless calculations resulted in endless variables, and at one point, it was impossible to go further. When I finally figured out the missing strategy, the puzzle went more easily. However, it continued to be a waiting game. I would run one calculation only to find I needed more calculations in order to solve the first. After putting off problem after problem, I discovered another (perhaps even more key) game strategy: being willing to not have answers right away. They came eventually, but they were always a few calculations down the road.

Faith isn’t the popular answer in our culture. Information is. Waiting isn’t our M.O. Google is. Admitting we don’t understand something and being comfortable with that? Well, that’s a life strategy that requires a few hard knocks. But, something miraculous happens when you look back intentionally into God’s track record. Faith shows up, and suddenly, the why’s don’t matter as much as the Who. The Who will ALWAYS redeem the person, the times, the situation, and the seemingly unanswerable questions, even if it’s a few clicks down the road.

β€œGreat is our Lord and mighty in power; his understanding has no limit.” – Psalm 147:5

From the screening room,
Melinda Ledman

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