💍 Bless Your Own Marriage As You Bless Others

In our culture, you’ve probably heard that half of all marriages end in divorce, that every marriage has a 50-50 chance of failure.

That’s an older statistic—divorce rates have improved since that number was first popularized in the 1970s—but people in our society have gotten used to the idea that marriage doesn’t last. And while the divorce rate might be decreasing, so is the marriage rate. Fewer couples are getting married today than ever before.

Everywhere I speak, I hear from young people who want to get married, but are hesitant. They are afraid. They worry that they can’t succeed in marriage. They don’t want to become another divorce statistic.

But here’s what I tell them: God made marriage, and God made you for marriage. And you have a one hundred percent chance of success in marriage when you do it God’s way.

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Karen and I love to help people succeed in marriage by equipping them with the tools they need to follow God’s plan and find the marriage of their dreams. That’s the purpose of MarriageToday.

It was a long journey before we found our dream marriage. We married very young, and the first years of our relationship were filled with arguments, heartache, and disappointment. We almost divorced.

We thought getting married had been a mistake. Like so many couples today, we entered marriage with unrealistic expectations. We didn’t know anything about what a healthy marriage looked like. We felt hopeless.

That was our marriage—until God saved it. Today, we know what it’s like to be miserable in marriage. We know what it’s like to get your heart broken. We know what it’s like to not experience any intimacy or communication. We were there.

The two of us didn’t have the resources that are available right now to help married couples navigate the struggles in their relationships. That’s why we have dedicated our lives to providing those resources to other couples.

Our ministry exists to teach you the things we learned in that journey, so that your marriage can thrive, too.

When you give to our ministry, you help us continue that work. You help us keep families together. You help children stay with their parents. You help us raise a standard that tells the world marriage is sacred.

You help us proclaim to hurting couples that they have a one hundred percent chance of success—no matter what the world might be telling them.

When you become a partner with us at MarriageToday, you are helping us reach these people with our resources. But you’re also benefiting yourself. Because our Rock Solid Partners, who donate monthly, gain access to a powerful streaming library of teachings and other resources.

It’s an investment in our ministry, but it’s also an investment in your own marriage and family. These resources can save your marriage or make it stronger. They can help you and your spouse grow closer together than ever before.

They can help you model a successful, fulfilling marriage for your children, and change generations in your family. Becoming one of our monthly partners helps us bless millions of people while it also blesses yourself and your own family.

Would you consider joining us as we help marriages around the world? Become a Rock Solid Partner and gain access to incredible resources. Make your own life better and help others find the marriage of their dreams.

Jimmy Evans // Marriage Today

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