‘For King & Country’ Offers Free Airing of ‘Priceless’ Tonight As #MeToo Dominates the Web

'For King & Country' Offers Free Airing of 'Priceless' Tonight As #MeToo Dominates the Web

Audiences nationwide will have the chance to see a groundbreaking film tonight by the Christian band For King & Country.

Their film “Priceless” is airing for free, LIVE at 8 p.m. on Facebook.

It is the one year anniversary of the film which highlights the issue of sex trafficking.

For King & Country frontmen Luke Smallbone and Joel Smallbone produced and acted in the film.

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They said they wanted to make people aware of the victims of sexual abuse, calling on Christians to do more to fight this epidemic of abuse in the world today.

“We’ve been standing on stage telling women that they deserve to be treated with love and respect,” Joel Smallbone shared. “And telling men that there’s a chivalrous way to show love. That led us to Priceless.”

You can enjoy the free viewing of the film onΒ Christian Cinema’s FacebookΒ page.

“All people, especially women, are worthy of respect,” the group says in a press release. “Standing up for the sexually abused requires conscious, proactive efforts on the part of the church and believers everywhere.”

“It’s the band’s desire that more people will be aware of the victims of sexual abuse and its devastating aftermath that leaves victims hopeless and without a voice. Each one is priceless.” source

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