๐Ÿ‘‘ My Favorite Teacher

With a car full of kids, we passed the long travel time with a Q&A game for the family. One card asked, โ€œWho is your favorite teacher?โ€ My six-year-old boy piped up, โ€œMy favorite teacher is mom!โ€ We all burst out laughing, because as a homeschooler, Iโ€™m pretty much his ONLY teacher. The poor kid doesnโ€™t have a choice! Of course, my children have plenty of other teachers outside of school: Sunday school teachers, online instructors, friends, grandparents, and even less tangible teachers like the Holy Spirit, personal experience, and consequences.

Those last three intrigue me, because all too often, I rely on experience and consequence to be my teachers. Yet only the Holy Spirit can show me real truth outside my limited understanding. Plus, he gets involved and leads me to legitimate freedom. How much better are teachers that get involved rather than simply lecture? The Holy Spirit does not scold us for not already knowing everything (James 1:5), but reminds us of what Jesus taught us (John 14:26) and shows us the right decisions (Isaiah 30:21). If we fail or rebel, he rises up to show us compassion (Isaiah 30:18)! There is no greater teacher or friend.

โ€œCall to me and I will answer you, and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.โ€
โ€“ Jeremiah 33:3

From the screening room,
Melinda Ledman

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