๐Ÿ‘‘ Plumb Line

From the back seat of the car, my nine-year-old girl asked her sister to pick up something in the front. โ€œI canโ€™t reach it,โ€ she replied jokingly, sitting in the front seat, of course. โ€œWhat?!โ€ the smaller one retorted. โ€œYour arm is as long as a cactus!โ€ We all burst out laughing. A cactus? What made her think of a cactus for comparing length? As the kids laughed and explained the humor to their little brother, I thought about the arbitrary things we use to compare ourselves to others.

We play the comparison game in two main areas: assuming that weโ€™re better than others or lamenting that weโ€™re worse. We use random things we think are important to rate our personal value on a sliding scale. That scale, ironically, is different for each person. So what is the plumb line, the standard, the true measure? It is Godโ€™s ability to love broken, imperfect people. We are equally flawed, equally loved, and therefore, each of us is profoundly important. Our personalities are hand-selected by God and our daily work is prepared in advance with acute precision. Never underestimate the value of yourself, your neighbor, or even your enemy, because God controls the very fabric of creation.

โ€œYou did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you…โ€ – Jesus (Matthew 15:16)

From the screening room,
Melinda Ledman

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