πŸ“Ί A ‘Touched by an Angel’ for Millennials: ‘God Friended Me’ To Get Primetime Spot on CBS

A 'Touched by an Angel' for Millennials: 'God Friended Me' To Get Primetime Spot on CBS

In a bold move to capture the faith market on primetime TV, CBS is launching a new drama this fall called “God Friended Me.”

The millennial based show centers on a preacher’s kid, Miles Finer who loses his faith after the unexpected death of his mother.

Brandon Michael Hall who plays the lead, calls himself the Millennial Prophet on his podcast where he debates believers and claims β€œthere is no proof of God anywhere in the universe.”

In a stunning twist, Hall a diehard atheist gets a Facebook request to β€œFriend” God – but after trying to delete the request several times he soon gives in to what he assumes is a prank.

On First Look by CBS, the writers thicken the plot when β€œthe God account begins suggesting other friends, leading Miles to become an agent of change in the lives of those around him.”

The story then takes off with Hall saving the lives of total strangers in a fashion that’s something like a combo of the CBS hit shows “Touched by an Angel” and “Person of Interest.” In this newΒ show, the premise is that all of our lives are somehow intertwined but instead of The Machine watching our every move – God is.

The cast is rounded out with “Scandal” alum Joe Morton as the faithful pastor and Violett Beane as the sidekick also known as Jessie Quick from “The Flash” for those CW and DC Comics fans.

The show debuts Sundays at 8:00 pm in the coveted spot right behind “60 Minutes” where viewers can get a chance to see God using ordinary people to touch lives because according to CBS, β€œthe Almighty works in mysterious ways both online… and offline.” source

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